NSW Swimming Pool Fence Rules

Our guide on the Rules and Regulations for Pool Fencing in NSW will help you be better informed to ensure your pool fence is compliant.

You MUST Register Your Pool

State-wide online register of all private swimming pools was started in 2012.  All pools must be registered with this service.   http://www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au/

In April 2016 the requirement for a ‘certificate of compliance’ from the NSW Swimming Pool Register in April 2016 was introduced.  This has raised many compliance issues for owners wishing to sell or lease their property with a pool.

Certificates which are valid for three years, can be applied for with either local council, or a properly Accredited Certifier.

Key Pool Fence Requirements

The current standard used for pool fences is set out in the Australian Standard AS1926-2012 and applies to pools constructed after July 2010.

Key requirements of this standard include:

  • The pool fence must separate the pool from the house
  • The pool fence must be at least 1.2m (1200mm) from ground level to the top
  • Any gap at the bottom of the pool fence must be less than 10cm (100mm)
  • Any gaps in the fence panels (not including the gate) must be less than 10cm (100mm)
  • Horizontal bars or ledges with a depth of over 1cm (10mm) must be spaced at least 90cm (900mm) apart

Note: If the pool fence forms part of your boundary fence, different rules apply.  At a minimum, the fence must be 1.8m high and clearance zones are measured on the inside of the fence.

You Must Have a Non-Climbable Zone.

The  ‘non-climbable’ zone is designed to prevent small children climbing the fence and gaining access to the pool.

Things that may impact your zone include BBQs, pot plants and chairs as well as trees and shrubs within 90cm of the fence.  This is why nearby steps or raised garden beds can be an issue with pool fencing  and require custom solutions to ensure compliance.

To work out your non-climbable zone, imagine a 90cm arc (part of a circle) from the top of the fence.

The zone also includes the area 30cm inside the pool fence so small feet cannot climb using those objects as footholds or handholds.

Self Closing Pool Gates

A pool gate must open outward from the pool area and be self closing and self latching to comply.  The latch must be either 150cm (1500mm) above the ground, or at least 150mm below the top of the fence and inaccessible through the fence for at least a 45cm (450mm) radius around the latch.

And again, nothing should enable climbing by providing footholds or handholds closer than 90cm apart.

You cannot put a pet door into the pool gate!

Never prop your gate open, as it should always be shut when not being used.  Regularly checking the gate swings closed on its own, from any position, and latches securely is recommended.

Pool Fencing Regulations References

Swimming Pools Act 1992 (NSW)

Protect Your Kids – Protect Your Pool Health.nsw.gov.au

NSW Swimming Pool Register

NSW Swimming Pool Register Self Assessment Checklists

Northern Beaches Council Pool Safety

Always use a licenced pool fencing installer, or accredited certifier to ensure your pool fence meets all the rules and regulations.

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