Aluminium Pool Fencing

Narrabeen - aluminium pool fence with some frameless glass

We have quite a few clients who choose to use a combination of frameless glass fencing and tubular aluminium pool fencing.

Quite often we put the glass in the prominent places, like in between the house or living/entertaining area and the pool. This gives clear, unobstructed views of the pool and or children.

We then install black aluminium fencing at the back or side of a pool between the garden or yard behind it. The black aluminium blends in well with vegetation, virtually disappearing, and is a far more cost effective solution than glass.

Another advantage of aluminium pool fencing that some it does allow the breezes to flow more freely.  Some people also find the tubular aluminium pool gates easier to use.

Side gates and other small gates can be constructed from a flat aluminium profile, giving a sleek  modern appearance to an area that is often neglected.