Pool Gate Latch Repair & Adjustment

Glass gates are heavy. A 12mm thick glass pool gate weighs over 31kg. With that much weight hanging on a set of hinges there are bound to be occasional problems.

Word Of Mouth Pool Fencing offers a complete pool gate service and adjustment for those sticky gates.  We can provide quality replacement hinges quickly to get your pool gate back in compliance and keep the little ones safe.

Sagging Gate Hinges

The most common problem is sagging at the hinges. If the gate sags, then the latch is less likely to work properly.

The hinges are usually just held in place on the glass by friction. Ie. plates held tightly together with screws. This is generally a simple fix. We take the hinges apart and “pack the voids” so that the gate is less likely to sag again.

Gate Hinge Springs Lose Tension

Another common problem is that the springs lose tension over time, either naturally or by being propped open. Propping your pool gate open is both illegal and not good for the hinges. Some hinges can be re-tensioned on site. Others require replacement.

Sagging Pool Gate Hinge Easy Repair

Salt Water, Gate Hinges and Corrosion

Hinges can also corrode and become unserviceable. This is very common on the Northern Beaches – ah the joy of living here…..

Living on the beaches we also find a lot of in ground closers have been installed inside galvanised boxes without the use of an epoxy to keep water out. These boxes rust long before the mechanism needs replacing.

You can usually tell this is happening from an orange stain leaching from under the stainless steel cover plate. (Why galvanised boxes are supplied in the first place is beyond me!!??)

In these cases the boxes need to be removed from the ground/concrete/tiles and be replaced with a quality stainless steel box (the only ones we ever install), new mechanism and the epoxy to keep the water to a minimum.

Soft Close Hinges do Wear Out

Soft close hinges, whether they be the glass to glass style or the in ground Dorma style will also fail over time. Nothing lasts forever. With the soft close hinges they mostly all use a hydraulic system of one sort or another. These are generally not serviceable and require replacement, which we have a lot of experience with.

In Ground Closer Showing Signs of Rust
In Ground Gate Closer with Rusty Box