National Check Your Pool Gate Day

December 1, 2018

Summer is coming and its time to Check Your Pool Gate.

Through his charity, Kids Alive, Laurie Lawrence, famous Australia swimming coach, is asking home owners to check their pool gate operation.  He’s chosen 1st December, the first day of summer, as “National Check Your Pool Gate Day”.

How to Check Your Pool Gate at Home

Steve Andreasen, pool fence installer and owner of Word of Mouth Fencing, has released a video to support National Check Your Pool Gate Day.  Steve demonstrates a quick and easy pool gate check all home owners can do.

5 Simple Pool Gate Checks

  1. Your gate latch should be out of reach of small children. 1500mm above the ground.
  2. Your fence should not have big gaps – less than 100mm.
  3. NEVER EVER prop your gate opening.
  4. Your pool gate should self-close from any position.
  5. Your gate should latch automatically, and remain secure once closed.

Also, make sure the area around  your pool fence is clear.  Dont leave chairs, boxes or anything that could be used by a small child to climb over the fence.

Gates & Fences Prevent Toddler Drownings.

According the annual Royal Life Saving Report on Drowning, released in September 2018, last year over 50% of toddler drownings involved faulty, propped open or even non-existent pool gates or fences.

With December and January the worst months for pool drownings, it’s time to get your pool gate checked.

“There is a link between pool fencing laws and rates of child drowning in pools. Areas of Australia with fewer exemptions from best practice fencing standards and more regular inspections experience fewer fatal drowning incidents.” Royal Life Saving

If you aren’t sure if your gate is operating correctly, contact Steve for a Pool Gate Service on 0414 347 345 today.