We answer lots of questions about glass pool fencing here.  If you have a question that isn’t covered, please send us a message.

What is the difference between Frameless and Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing?

Frameless glass pool fencing is only supported at the base by its mountings.  For details of different mounting styles, click here.

Semi-Frameless glass pool fencing means the glass is more supported, but ‘framing’ on either side usually in the form of posts.  For examples of semi frameless fencing click here.

How thick is the glass in pool fencing?

Pool fence glass needs to be very strong to stand up to accidental ‘crashes’.  Typically frameless glass is 12mm thick whilst semi-frameless glass can be thinner as it is more supported.

Pool safety gates can be constructed from 8mm or 10mm thick glass, depending on the size, location and support of the gate.

What sort of glass is used in pool fencing?

Glass pool fencing is constructed from safety glass which is toughened glass.  Toughened glass is processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength. Once a piece of glass is toughened, it cannot be cut or resized.  This means if holes are not correctly located for mounting, you will need to get a whole new piece of glass.

The process puts the outer surface of the glass into compression and the interior elements into tension.  This means that when the glass does break, it breaks into familiar small chunks, rather than the jagged chards of plate glass.

This is why you cannot ‘trim’ pieces of glass to fit your pool fence – each piece must be correctly designed and sized before ordering.

How do I keep my glass pool fence clean?

Surprisingly, glass pool fences are easy to keep clean, and don’t require a lot of work to maintain their beautiful clear looks.

To minimise temperature stress on the glass, it is best to hose the fence in the early morning, or late afternoon. Use a cloth or soft brush to remove any marks, or dirt, then hose off with clean water.

In salty areas (eg. on our beautiful Northern Beaches) it is best to hose the fence every few weeks (if it doesnt rain) to wash off any salt accumulation.

You can also squeegy dry the glass if you wish, however air dry is fine.

For particuarly tough marks, use a little dishwashing liquid in a bucket with a cloth, then rinse with clean water.

Where is the glass made?

Word of Mouth Fencing has used the same glass panel supplier for nine years.  We have found them to be reliable and cost effective.

The toughened glass for pool fencing is generally made in China, in typical and standard sizes.  It travels to Australia on four modes of transport, shaking out (literally) any weaker panels.

When a pool fence requires custom panels – either with cutouts, special widths or heights etc – these are cut from non-toughened glass here in Australia, and then toughened to ensure strength and compliance.

My pool gate wont close, what do I do?

Pool gates are required to latch automatically for safety.  If you gate no longer closes by itself, or fails to latch securely, you need to adjust it.  Occasionally you will need to repair or replace the hinges, and/or the latch.

Our fast pool gate service will address issues from sagging gates, hinges that have lost tension, and many other issues.

Can I install frameless glass on timber deck?

Yes.  How we install the fence or balustrade on a timber deck depends upon how the deck is constructed (or in construction). Typically we use surfacing mounting spigots with a trim ring to cover the attachment like the image below.Frameless glass on timber deck

Email Steve today with any questions about a consultation or quote for new pool fence.

Frameless glass fence on hill Cromer Heights

Custom design, stepped frameless glass pool fence. Polished round spigots core drilled into paving.  Ready for tiling and filling.

Frameless glass fence on hill balustrade Cromer Heights

Cromer Heights – Glass pool fence and frameless gate, with polished stainless steel top edge for balustrade to garden below.